May 31, 2019

Babies and Crawlers

Baby Nursery

Caterpillar & Butterfly Room – Birth to 2 years

baby nursery north shields and north tynesideOur youngest children are cared for in our cosy Caterpillar room with areas that reflect home with soft furnisings and nutral colours. Our Butterfly area is resource based and colourful with freeflow into our larger room with th older children. Each baby has a key person who they are able to build a caring, trusting and supportive relationship with.

Babies individual routines are consistant between home and nursery to enhance their sense of self and security and to ensure their needs are fully met.

We love to sing and dance in the Caterpillar/ Buttefly rooms as we recognise that these activities have a positive impact on language development and personnal, social and emotional skills.

Exploration and messy play is high on the agenda and even our youngest babies are given opportunities to take part.

Our babies love being outdoors and there are plenty of opportunities during the nursery day for outdoor pursuits.  Walks , visist to the park and the beach.

The babies and toddlers enjoy freshly prepared delicious meals and snacks from our nursery kitchen. Catering for newly weaning babies and those with specialist diets as well as all those in between.