May 31, 2019

Our Ethos

Little Hubbers Day Nursery Ethos

Little Hubber’s Day Nursery North Shields  believes children will thrive best in a fun, caring and enjoyable environment where they should be given first hand real experiences and resources that are stimulating for them to experiment, explore, and learn to be independent. Child care at Little Hubber’s Day Nursery is exceptional, fun and varied. Your nLittles ones will love it.

We value that learning takes place through enhanced play opportunities and that children’s play reflects their wide range of varied interests.

We acknowledge that by having a safe, secure and challenging environment we will be giving our children learning opportunities where they can learn to take risks, develop boundaries, make choices and extend their development.

‘Little Hubbers’ Day Nursery North Shields is a Safeguarding Setting’ and we embed this policy into the heart of our practice as the welfare and safeguarding of every child is paramount.

We recognise the importance of listening to children, understanding, and meeting their individual needs and that every child is a unique and a competent learner.

We believe positive interactions are essential and we should tune in to children’s thinking and let them take lead and direction in their own learning. We support this through encouragement, praise and respectful relationships between staff and the children.

We believe that parent and staff partnership is vital with warm and trusting relationships as they have a lot to learn from each other. This is beneficial to support children’s progress and development, which has a positive impact on children’s learning.

We understand that the diversity of individuals and the communities are important and everyone is valued.

All children have the rights to enjoy a full life and should be treated fairly regardless of race, religion, disability, gender and social economical background.

We believe that all children should be supported to develop a positive sense of themselves and others.

We feel it is also important to work together with the wider multi-professional team and local community so everyone involved in early years can build a secure foundation for care, education and learning and meet the needs of every child.

We are committed to following the Early Years Foundation Stage as it offers a rich and invaluable curriculum in the early years.