May 31, 2019

Parent Partnership

Parent Partnership

At Little Hubbers Nursery we recognise and support parents as their child’s first and most important educators, and to welcome them into the life of the nursery.

Our aim is to develop an honest, open and supportive relationship with you which complement life in your home.

We are very aware of our influence as role models for your child and without your extensive knowledge of your child we would not be able to enhance your child’s development.  Nursery staff are always available to discuss your child and their development.

FAMLY app. Keeping parents updated on the day to day running of the nursery and their child’s activities, including meals, nappy changes, sleep times, etc.

Key Person.  As part of this developing relationship with the setting your child will be allocated a key person, this will enable you to have a direct member of staff to talk to and put forward any questions or concerns you may have.

Newsletters.  Keeping parents updated on what has been happening at nursery and plans for the future.

Parent questionnaires.  Handed out yearly, inviting parents to give their honest opinion about the service we provide and an opportunity to share their comments and ideas for improvement.

Coffee Mornings. This is an opportunity to meet with your child’s key person. During this time you will be able to see the progress your child is making though their own personal learning journey, which includes observations made by staff, photo evidence and work products.

Parents evenings.  The nursery will hold regular parents evening held down stairs in The Family Hub play centre where parents can chat to Keyworkers while the children play. Food and drinks will also be available giving the family time to enjoy tea together and socialise.

Parent Suggestion Boxes. Comments, concerns or suggestions, that you wish to put forward anonymously or otherwise. These can be posted into the suggestion boxes in the main hallways, the management team review these on a regular basis.

Day trips and Social Events.  The nursery has an events calendar, which includes main celebrations on a cultural, religious, national and child-specific basis. We also have our internal celebrations, which involve on-site events and trips.

Information on the Nursery EYFS Curriculum. Posted on the parent notice boards on a weekly basis.

Information and Records on the Children. You will be made aware of what information is kept on their child and who is able to access that information.

Consent Slips. Written consent for some nursery activities including some trips and outings, any medication, first aid and photographs.

Curriculum Evenings. Held yearly to help parents have a clearer understanding of the nursery curriculum, including planning, observation and assessment.

E Mail. Informing parents of ideas for the coming week, following careful observation of the children.

Complaints Policy. The nursery has a procedure for parents to follow in the event of a complaint.

Careful Staff Deployment. The staff employed at the nursery, have a range of experience. The nursery manager is careful to consider the staff’s strengths when deploying them. Parents are made aware of who is looking after their children throughout the day and how the management team is made up.

Home Link Books. The nursery provides a home link book for each child. They add in suggestions for activities to complete at home, in line with the nursery planning. The books are then sent home and the parents are encouraged to complete them over a weekend period. This gives staff an insight into the children’s home life and provides opportunities for the parents to take part in their child’s learning.

I Can Do or my ‘WOW’ Board. There is a board in the hallway for parents to share information about what their child can do. Information can be in the form of photographs, post it notes, certificates etc. Likewise we also have a children’s board where they can pin all their special WOW moments from the day. ie, drawing, picture’s, crafts.

Workshops. Staff will plan activities suited for the different age groups and invite the parents to take part, explaining the benefits of each activity and how it links with the planning. There are fun activities to take part in such as water play, clay, paint, construction etc.

Support. Staff at nursery have been chosen for their friendly and approachable manner. They will do their utmost to offer parents their support where necessary.