September 22, 2021

Extra curricular activities

Little Hubbers Day Nursery provides a wonderful array of extra-curricular activities that are extremely beneficial for young children to Learn, Play and Grow.

Not only do these fabulous classes help develop the confidence of our little ones and provide so much fun and excitement; they are also vital to early-stage development, help with dexterity, fine motor skills, agility, balance and coordination.

From Yoga classes, Ballet and dance to creative pursuits – arts and crafts to learning about Bugs and Critters too. Here are just a few of the extra-curricular activities our Little Hubbers have access to each and every week. **

Yoga, Move and grove & Baby Ballet with Wendy from JITABUGS

Yoga is perfect for sparking creative imagination in your child. Worlds apart from adult yoga, classes focus on more spontaneous movement and spatial awareness development. A great way to increase confidence and exercise with your child.

Baby move and groove is a fun and exciting class filled with props, sparkles, bubbles and so much more.

Baby / Toddler Ballet again focuses on free expression, spontaneous movements and coordination. We all love a tutu.

Bugs and critters with Rockpool School

Hands on rockpool animal fun and learning experience with qualified Marine Biologists.

Nicola visits the Nursery every Thursday and brings along a selection of Critters and bugs for our little ones to hold, learn about and explore. The children can learn all about marine life and rock pooling in general whilst holding crabs, star fish and a whole host of other sea water-based creatures.

Nicola often brings her pet Scratchy the giant African snail and Gastro the giant flying cockroach much to the delight or Erin our QTS who would love cockroaches as pets

Toddler football with little kickers

Little Kickers focus is very much on fun – They are a national network of informal yet professionally run training classes where enthusiastic boys & girls (18mths – 7th birthday) are given a helping hand to stand on their own two feet. Little Kickers visits our Nursery every Friday and runs sessions with our little ones.

Coordination, running, goal scoring, dodging – its all about the fun and I can assure you the children absolutely love it. Im pretty sure the staff team do too!

Animal visits with Angela Ark

Every Friday Angel bring along her wonderful Animals to show the children. They can hold and pet them whilst learning all the interesting fact about what they are, what they eat, how they live ect. Each week is new and exciting with animals ranging from Skinny pigs, Rabbits, Snakes, Spiders – The list goes on.

Hartbeeps with Natalie

Every Tuesday Natalie attends armed with a vast array of fun and fabulous resources and equipment to spark the children’s imagination. Every session is filled with fun and silliness – Lots of laughter and giggles can be heard when Natalie is here.

Science Buddies 

Mondays are all about science and experiments. Its always messy, lots of fun and so wonderful to see the children to experience such wonderful things. From volcanoes erupting to learning how rockets propel upwards. Potions, concoctions and all things messy.

DANCE with Grace

Much like sport, dance is great for developing motor skills and learning patience and discipline. Dance is also physically demanding and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. At Little Hubbers we have 2 fabulous staff members who have completed a Bachelors or Arts in Dance. Grace regularly push the furniture back and break out in a dance move and get all the children involved. A bit of fun we all love.


Young children are hardwired to learn languages and develop speech. The benefits include development in self-confidence and communication skills. At Little Hubbers we have staff fluent in Spanish, French and sign language so your little ones will benefit form learning some basic language skills through play.

We are looking to source a regular language class to join us in the near future.


The creative pursuits offer young children countless ways of developing. ‘Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun. We couldn’t agree more. The messier the better.


Cooking isn’t just for adults! Here at Little Hubbers Day Nursery and Pre-School, we promote good eating habits
Our fabulous team also love to cook and bake and are on hand to educate the children on the importance of food groups and healthy eating, and it’s a fun way to get healthy, too.

We love making crispy cakes, muffins and pancakes. Our QTS staff complete focused cooking sessions with our Preschool children where they learn about measures, scoops and grams. It’s fun whichever way you do it.


Whether it’s the recorder or violin, learning an instrument is perfect for nurturing coordination and motor skills. It’s also an important way for children to learn patience and delayed gratification. Here at Little Hubbers we have an array of musical instruments from drums to bels, to xylophones and much much more. Ear muff are also readily available haha. Let the noise commence.

The evidence for the developmental benefits of play is actually overwhelming. Not only is play fun, but it rapidly advances cognitive development in children and improves happiness. Our whole day at Little Hubbers is about PLAY!

** A small consumable charge of £2.40 per week is payable to help towards bringing these external providers into the Nursery to run Fun and Exciting sessions. See Terms and conditions for more info.