September 22, 2021


We provide fresh and tasty breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks for every child at Little Hubbers Day nursery.

We take a pro-active approach to the wellbeing of young children and their families. Our belief is that a balanced, healthy and nutritious diet is important for a child’s physical growth as well as their general development, including the ability to learn new skills, enjoy eating and improving future life chances.

Meal times, sharing food and sitting around a dinner table is also an opportunity to learn: about sharing and having a meal with others, using knives and forks, self-serving, helping others and about healthy eating and food.

Our Little Hubbers set the tables and self-serve their own food from serving dishes on the table. Once finished they also learn how to scrape their plates clean and stack them safely to be cleaned.

Eating healthily and meal times are an important part of the day, eating well helps children with their concentration levels – which in turn affects their development and achievement.

Our Three-weekly rolling menus (changed termly) are healthy, varied and Tasty, planned with care and prepared onsite by our Nursery Cook Caren and helped served out by our lunch time assistants Sam and Lesley.

We talk to Children and parents to gather feedback before planning the next Terms menu – that way, we can make doubly sure your child is getting plenty of yummy food they love to eat.

What’s on the menu changes from season to season, but a typical day starts with fresh fruit with cereal or porridge. Depending on the time of year, lunch could be anything from Hearty casseroles or Traditional Sunday lunches with Yorkshire puddings to Risotto, Pasta bakes or delicious hotpots. Each meal comes piled high with lots of fresh vegetables on the side. At tea time we serve light meals like soups and sandwiches along with veggie sticks, dips, or scrambled eggs on toast, bagels with cream cheese. Each main is followed by a home-made pudding such as sticky toffee, upside down pineapple cake, home-made rice pudding, yogurt and fresh fruit.

There’s a veggie alternative every day of the week, and we carefully highlight any allergens on all of our menus. We share all of our menus right here, so you can take a look at what your child’s eating anytime.

All our staff (every single one of them) are trained in Allergen awareness, Food hygiene level 2 and Nutritional awareness.

Breakfast is served 7.30 to 8.30am.

Morning snack is served between 9.45am nd 15.15am

Lunch is served from 11.30am through to 12.45pm

Afternoon snack is served between 2pm and 3pm

Tea time meal is served from 4pm through to 5pm

Little Hubbers Menu 3 week menu - spring 2021 menu 2021-1

Little Hubbers Menu 3 week menu – spring 2021 menu 2021