May 31, 2019


Toddler Nursery

Ladybird Room – 2 years to 5 years

Toddler Nursery North Shields North TynesideHere in the Ladybird Room we look after children aged 2-5 years in a family group. Children have their own Key Person who provides care and activities for the individual child. Children have different interests so we follow those interests so that the experience is unique to them.

Routines are important to children and are followed but there are always opportunities for spontaneous activities such as running outside when it first starts to snow or plodging in the sea on a hot summers day.

There is a high emphasis on children being active, independant learners. This means that we encourage children to try things for themselves and have equipment and materials accessable for children to choose and use on their own in a supervised environment.

Throughout the nursery day children have chance to take part in small group activities that are planned to work on and develop their skills in all the areas of learning. (To find out more about the areas of learning please come and see us or contact us so we can discuss these in detail).

Outdoor play is extremely important to us, so the Ladybird children are able to access the outdoors through dailly trios out, visitng the Nursery allotment, visiting community gardens, the beach and parks. We have access to wonderful Nature parks in the area with further opportunities for fun and games and quality learning.

We are able to offer care on a full time or sessional basis and have free funded places available for all children the term after they turn three. We also have funded places for some two year olds.

To find out more about all our sessions please contact us.