May 31, 2019

First day at Nursery

First Day at Nursery

Here at Little Hubbers Day Nursery North Shields we recommend a settling in period for children starting at Little Hubbers. This will be arranged in consultation with parents that allows exchange of information that will support each individual child.

We have no set criteria on how to settle individual children; we feel it is important for you to decide how long you wish to stay with you child in order to settle them in and how your child gets on within the first few settling in sessions.

On your first settling in session your child will be assigned a key person, who will help you and your child get familiar with the setting. The key person’s role is to help ensure that every child’s care is tailor to meet their individual needs, offer a settled relationship for the child and build a relationship with their parents and carers.

What you will need to provide:

  • Bottles, milk and comforters if needed.
  • Nappies, wipes and creams if your child is not toilet trained.
  • Spare clothes.
  • Clothes for messy activities or clothes you do not mind children getting messy i.e paint, gloop etc.
  • Wellington boots and suitable outdoor clothing we do take children outside everyday no matter the weather.
  • When the weather is hot, sunhats and sun creams.
  • Tooth brush in named holder and a tube of tooth paste.

Information from us:

We recommend where possible NOT to bring your pushchair to the Nursery as we have limited space for storage. If you bring a push chair to nursery please fold it up and stand it safely in our lower corridor. We can store some pushchairs in the foyer to the Playcentre downstairs.

If you drop your child off via car please note that the main street front entrance is only permitted for drop off and collection as this is a bus lane. If you need longer you are advise to park in the back lane (little Bedford street) or on the bottom road (Saville street). If you call ahead staff are happy to assist you with dropping off and collection of your children.

If your child is in nappies then please remember to supply them together with wipes, and to replenish them when staff inform you they are running out.

Please do not bring your child into nursery if they are unwell. If they have sickness and/or diarrhea they must be 48 hours clear before returning to nursery. If they are prescribed antibiotics they are unable to attend nursery till 48 hours after their first dose.

If you are unable to collect your child then we will need to be provided with a name of the person collecting your child and a password. We will be unable to let your child go without this.


The nursery requests that each child is provided with a complete change of clothes. It is an essential component of educative play that children are able to enjoy art and craft activities with, for example, glue, paste, paint, sand, water, etc. Inevitably children will transfer some of these materials to themselves and their clothing.

We attempt, whenever possible, to purchase glue, paste and paint which are “washable”, but in practice not everything is washable off all clothing materials.

Parents should therefore dress their children with this in mind. The Nursery will accept no liability for clothing damaged while the child is at the nursery.