May 31, 2019

Our Daily Routine

Our Daily Routine

Our daily routines are flexible and the children are offered valuable learning opportunities through these. Whether your child is doing morning/afternoon or both sessions they will explore the following:

Arrival, separate from parent/carer and hanging up coats:

This will encourage children to develop independence, build confidence, develop self- esteem, develop control and co-ordination and also having a reassuring relationship with a Key Person.

Breakfast Time 8:00 –9:00am:

Wash hands 

Children will use one-handed tools and independently self-serve and eat breakfast of their choice. This will encourage them to manage their own needs. Children will also develop a sense of community within the nursery as they will join up with other rooms for breakfast.

Child Initiated Play:

Children will show willingness to tackle problems and enjoy self-chosen challenges through play. They will take initiatives and manage developmentally appropriate tasks.

Circle Time, Self & Group Registration:

This helps children develop Communication and Language as well as their Personal Social and Emotional Development. It gives them opportunities to show increasing confidence in conversation that interests them and listening to others in the group. Children will be encouraged to recognise their own name or photo, show a range of feelings, talk about the environment, and their own observations as well as aspects of their home life.

Activity Time & Free Flow Play:

Children will gain independence and control over their learning and interests both in adult led and child initiated play. Children will use a range of materials, resources, people, objects and ideas that are accessible for them. They will develop skills in Prime and Specific Areas of Learning and Development and explore new experiences and ideas.

Daily Outdoor Play:

Children will be given the opportunity to play in the natural environment which they will have the freedom to explore, use their senses, learn and be physically active. Being outdoors has a positive impact on children’s sense of well-being and helps all aspects of children’s development.

The children go out to play every day with visits to the park, going for walks, going to the beach ect. Staff make sure that the children are appropriately dressed so they can enjoy themselves whatever the weather. Outdoor play is seen as an integral part of the early years provision. We aim for both indoor and outdoor play to provide a stimulating environment for children’s learning in all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Group Story/Song Time: 

Children will develop confidence, establish relationships with other children and adults, listen attentively and respond to stories and songs. This will also help children to use their imagination to make up stories, use props and explore sounds of words as well as become familiar with number songs.

Rest/Quite Time:

This will help the children to understand their own needs with regards to resting and sleeping.

Shopping, cooking, preparing & eating meals:

Children will play a very active part in this process, from shopping for food stuff to preparing their own snacks and assisting in cooking of meals. Little hubbers is very passionate about encouraging independence and learning new skills. Cooking is a great way to be part of something and learn new things. Who doesn’t love making cakes.!

Our children will also assist in setting of tables, self-serving food and clearing away including washing up. This is off course all age appropriate and 100% staff supported.

Lunch Time and Tea Time 

12.30am Lunch Time: 

Children will learn awareness of their own needs in regards to eating and hygiene, they will learn social skills by enjoying being with and talking to other children and their key person. Children will also learn to be independent by washing their hands before and after and also self-serving their own dinner in the Nursery Dining room. This will support them to learn problem solving skills.

3:30pm Tea Time:

Children will learn about their health and bodily awareness with regards to eating and hygiene. They will develop a range of healthy practices by learning about healthy foods and drinks.

Tidy up Time:

This will help children have an awareness of boundaries and expectations that are set together and how they will contribute to a safe indoor and outdoor environment. Children will develop listening and negotiating skills.

Sensory time and Soft play time:

Little hubbers has full access to the soft play and sensory room based within The Family Hub building. Children will have access to these additional services including free play, disco dancing sessions, special events ( mascot events including Peppa Pig, Hey Duggee and PJ mask) and our lovely sensory room for chill time. The Nursery children will also benefit form all sessional events including Easter, Halloween and off course seeing our very own Santa at Christmas time.

Home time:

Hello to parents and carers and bye bye to key persons. By having parents as our partners we will be developing a positive relationship by reflecting on your child’s learning/development and daily experience. Throughout the day we will also encourage the children to become independent with their toilet routines, having drinks and snacks. This will develop skills in the Prime Areas of learning -Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Communication and Language as they will manage their own personal hygiene, learn about healthy practices and eating needs as well as interact socially with others.